Tale of the Goat – Part 1

Prompt photo courtesy of Madison Woods. Photo by Lura Helms

A tall man stands at a window.   He cranes his neck, squinting.  He picks up the phone on his desk.

Tall Man:  “Yes, ambulance and fire department.

St James’s Park, London.

Yes, there’s an unconscious man outside my office.

No  – mid thirties, maybe.

It looked like he was trying to help a goat.

Well, it looks like the goat’s got his head stuck in the tree, and the man was trying to help when he fell…  Oh no, wait.  The man’s just got up.  He’s walking away.

No, so it’s just the goat now…

It’s not malicious – right here, there’s a goat stuck with his head…

Of course.  No.  Bye. “

He looks at the goat.  Eventually he sits down at his desk, and switches on his monitor.

Feedback is golden.  When you’re done, read Tale of the Goat – Part 2


18 thoughts on “Tale of the Goat – Part 1

  1. Enjoyed this–can picture a short clip of the man sitting down at his computer while the goat stands patiently by, waiting for someone to free his head and there being no interaction between the two. Thanks for following my blog.

  2. This tall man sounds like the proper, stiff upper-lipped, stuffed-shirt bookkeeper type who can’t believe what he’s seeing and unable to convince the proper authorities…so he goes back to his boring job squinting at numbers. lol. Fun take on the prompt. I’m #30 on the list.

  3. Dear Rachel,

    This was priceless. The image of the Englishman finally sitting down again at his monitor, returning to his work, juxtaposed with the image of the goat’s skull long past any help, tells us all we need to know about whether he was believed by the fire department and the acuity of the caller’s memory.

    Lovely story. Following.



  4. Thanks very much for your comments Claire! I thought I’d shake it up a bit with the London Fire Brigade – makes a change from getting cats out of trees. Poor old goat. Stay in touch!

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