Scratch of Fuchsia

Thanks to Madison for posting the prompt, and Maggie Duncan for a great photo.  Head over to Madison Woods for more flash fiction.

Wondereagle – Scratch of Fuchsia

He had been looking for days.

Alex crouched on the rocks.  Water rushed past him, as fog swirled over his back.

His eyes scanned the river.  He rose, the forest hawking over him.

By the logs, there was something.  A disturbance of birds, jostling and shrieking.  He ran, his shout lost under the canopy.  Some of the birds jumped away, black eyes threatening from sideways faces.  He knew before he got there.

He slowed and stopped.  Matted in feathers and blood, her heel was raw, and beneath the mud, a scratch of fuchsia blazed on her toenails.

He sunk to his knees.  River water crept up to his waist as he wept into his hands.


28 thoughts on “Scratch of Fuchsia

    • Thanks – it seemed so out of place when I was writing it, so it either had to go, or I had to make a thing of it. Great to get your comments – I enjoyed your take on the prompt also.

    • Yes I’ve got a few people missing in my stories at the moment – I can’t seem to shake off the loss. I’m going to try and give everyone some love next week – or at least something funny. Thanks very much for your comments V.B.

    • Yes ours were strikingly similar. I’ve had a few stories come to me lately involving loss – not for any particular reason. Thank goodness I’m able to write it out. Thanks very much for your comments!

  1. I was trying to figure out who, or what it was he found that lay dead. Sad and vivid images though of a distraught man who lost something, or someone dear. Good story. Thanks for stopping by to read mine.

  2. Awww…my heart goes out to him. How will he ever get over that sight and “scratch of fuschia?” It may haunt him for the rest of his life and be reminded every time he see a woman with her nails painted fuschia. Nice work. I’m #36 on the list.

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