Tale of the Goat – Part 2

This is based on a challenge I wrote for the Six Minute Story.  Strictly speaking, as per the prompt kindly provided last week by Madison Woods, the goat should still be in the tree, possibly in some state of decay.  But the Tall Man is a person of heart, and understated courage.  Sat at his desk, he was unable to concentrate.  He couldn’t just leave the goat up there, could he?

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Tall Man Tales – Tale of the Goat – Part 2

A tall man stands in a park by a tree. His eye and cheek are crimson, blackening.   The policeman next to him gets out his notepad.

Policeman: Sir, is this your goat?

Tall man: No.

Policeman: Right. Can you tell me exactly what happened?

Tall man:  I was in my office and I saw a man underneath the tree. The goat was up there.

He points to a branch.  The policeman raises one eyebrow.

Tall man: I thought the man was unconscious. I dialed emergency services, but they didn’t believe me.

Policeman: No…

Tall Man:  Anyway, the man ran off.  No one else was going to do it, so I tried to get the goat down.

Policeman: So it was the man that hit you?

Tall Man:  No. The goat.

Policeman: What?

Tall Man:  No. It was the goat. I was trying to pull it down, from behind. And it kicked me.

Policeman:  Right.

The policeman looks at the tall man, and then the goat, puts his notebook back into his pocket and turns on his heel.

The goat bleats and walks away, with a limp.

The tall man stands alone under the tree.

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