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Cats and Dogs

Thanks to Madison Woods for posting the prompt, and for the photo by Stacy Plowright, and the Friday Fictioneers for the great stories.  Crit very welcome. Cats and Dogs Anna always thought twice about getting in a lift with a man.  But it was nine flights of stairs.  She’d been away all day and her … Continue reading

Scratch of Fuchsia

Thanks to Madison for posting the prompt, and Maggie Duncan for a great photo.  Head over to Madison Woods for more flash fiction. Wondereagle – Scratch of Fuchsia He had been looking for days. Alex crouched on the rocks.  Water rushed past him, as fog swirled over his back. His eyes scanned the river.  He … Continue reading

Old Dog Dies Alone

Old Dog Dies Alone

Cal blinked as the grass and the trees and the sun swam into focus.  Blood crept past him into the dirt, towards the car tyres.  He reached down and felt his pocket – empty.  Bastards. It was a simple deal.  He must have done thousands like it.  But the kids these days weren’t just dealers, … Continue reading