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Prompt courtesy of Madison Woods and the Friday Fictioneers.   Fantastic photo by Piya Singh.  Read more great flash fiction here. Apologies for the lateness, and the overrun – this story was snatched from minutes on an airoplane, and sent on the beach.  (I know! poor me…) and there was limited editing time.  Apologies also for … Continue reading

Tale of the Goat – Part 2

This is based on a challenge I wrote for the Six Minute Story.  Strictly speaking, as per the prompt kindly provided last week by Madison Woods, the goat should still be in the tree, possibly in some state of decay.  But the Tall Man is a person of heart, and understated courage.  Sat at his … Continue reading

Tale of the Goat – Part 1

Prompt photo courtesy of Madison Woods. Photo by Lura Helms A tall man stands at a window.   He cranes his neck, squinting.  He picks up the phone on his desk. Tall Man:  “Yes, ambulance and fire department. St James’s Park, London. Yes, there’s an unconscious man outside my office. No  – mid thirties, maybe. It … Continue reading



Wing against icy rocks, moss and bracken splintered her chest.  Salt wind tugged at the downy feathers around her face. She pushed her chin to her chest, and slit her eyes. Below the cliff, a blood red mini streaked its way over the snaking coast road.  Yellow headlights flickered through the broken, hooked fingers of … Continue reading